Versa Max 2

Often copied, but rarely equaled, the inside-the-waistband model Versa Max 2, or model VM-2 is a classic, Milt Sparks Holsters, original design concept.

Some key features include:

  • A full metal reinforced mouth-band to aid in safe one-handed holstering of your sidearm.
  • Widely spread, non-pivoting, offset belt loops to ensure that the butt of the gun will not shift even during the most rigorous of activity. Offset belt loops also provide for a thinner holster profile (less bulge) by virtue of the loops being off to the sides of the main body of the holster and not stacked on top of the gun.
  • The forward belt loop is mounted to a floating tab, which is slotted from the main body of the holster to allow the mount to flex as needed to better conform to individual body shapes.
  • Designed to be free of any exposed metal hardware on the body side of the holster that could come into contact with the users’ skin.
  • Horsehide construction on the body side of all VM-2’s (even on our cowhide model), which adds a little extra water-repellency where it is most needed.

For those that must tuck their sidearm, changing from the snap loops to the "Optional" Kydex clips takes but a few minutes and you now have an IWB holster that will allow you to tuck your shirt in over the top of your gun. Please note that the tuckable Kydex clips are designed to attach directly to the waistband of your trousers, NOT to the belt itself! However, a proper gun belt should always be utilized over top of the clips, both to help support the weight of the weapon and to help conceal the clips from the casual observer.

VM-2 - Cowhide - $127
VM-2H - Horsehide - $130
VM-2HS - Horsehide with Shark trim - $170.00

VMLextra or replacement loop for VM-2 - $25
VMSL – extra shark skin loop for VM-2 - $42
VMKC – Kydex clip set for model VM-2 - $20

Belt loops are available in sizes from 1” to 1 ¾ inch in quarter inch increments


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