The Manta Ray... wide, flat, formidable yet delicate best describes the new pocket holster from Milt Sparks.

As one who often carries a handgun in the pocket quickly discovers; pants pockets are not all sized the same, sometimes even within the same brand and style of trouser. Modern pocket holsters are fit foremost around the gun they are meant to carry, but not necessarily to take into account the individual shape/size of the pocket for which they are destined to reside. The Manta pocket holster from Milt Sparks helps address that issue and allows custom fit to the pocket by means of interchangeable rear wing inserts of different sizes that can be set to best fill the pocket in which it will be carried.

The Manta also utilizes a reinforcement patch that wraps around and encompasses the rear of the trigger guard, but does not extend over the cylinder, keeping overall thickness to a minimum.

Like with all our pocket designs, the Manta positions the gun towards the centerline of the pocket, allowing the leading and trailing edge of both the front and rear flanges of the holster, to curve and blend to the shape of the individuals thigh. This helps to soften or eliminate any unnecessary bulge that may occur like what happens when the typical wrap around design settles into the leading edge of the pocket. The Manta is currently available for the S&W J frame, Ruger LCR and Colt Det. Spec. revolvers. Availability for other guns, soon be determined. Please call the shop for current info.

Model: MR1, includes full set of inserts. Price $115
Add $18 for shark trim


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