Improved Baker (I-BAK)

Our I-BAK or Improved Baker, has its roots in the original holster design by maker Roy Baker of Magnolia, Arkansas.

The style, sometimes referred to as a belt slide, although more often by its original designation, "pancake". The original Baker design is distinguished by the two (or sometimes more) belt slots cut both fore and aft of the holster. In service, the positioning of the slots allows the weapon to be pulled in tight to the body for optimal concealment and security.

Unlike that of Bakers original pancake design, the I-BAK is formed completely to the outer pouch, leaving the backside of the holster more or less flat. The result is a holster which can conform to the curve of the hip, between its widely spaced belt slots, but not collapse when the gun is withdrawn. A combination single sight rail, and deeply formed sight channel, provides plenty of protection and clearance for even the tallest of front sights. The Improved Baker can be made to accommodate most makes and models of semi-autos.

(D4C mag case in picture not included, but available separately)

I-BAK (cowhide only) $115


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