Executives Companion

Since its introduction in 1990, the model EX has set the standard of comfort for inside the waistband type holsters. 

The EX was the first IWB holster to offer an interchangeable belt loop system, an original Milt Sparks Holsters design concept. A holster functions best when fitted to the belt that will carry the handgun. By ordering additional belt loops you have the versatility of using the same holster properly fitted to a variety of belts from 1", to 1 3/4" in width.

The EX sets the gun deeper in the waistband when compared to our standard Summer Special, and places the metal reinforced mouth directly beneath the belt where it does the most good. Above the mouth of the holster, and between you and the gun, a leather extension provides protection from safeties and helps to keep you from re-holstering your shirt. 

EX -cowhide, smooth side out. - $110
EX-RSO -rough side out. - $110
EX-H -horsehide. - $115
EX-HS -horsehide, shark trim. - $140

EXLextra or replacement belt loop for SS-2 and EX - $13
EXLS – extra shark skin loop for SS-2 and EX - $25


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