Axiom, from the Latin Axioma, meaning that which is thought fitting or worthy. The Axiom, outside the waistband holster from Milt Sparks.

The Axiom features a unique set of front and rear belt mounting attachments with dual snap closures, which allow you to easily attach and remove the holster from the belt without actually having to undo the belt. Dual snap closures serve to provide an additional level of on-the-belt security over the more commonly available single snap closure of this type of holster. The extra snap also works to solidly anchor the loops to ensure their positioning in relationship to the gun does not change over time, as the holster is worn.

The Axiom belt loops are sized to fit snug to a 1 ½” gun belt, which in our experience is optimal for outside the waistband carry. Please note that the Axiom WILL NOT fit on all makers’ 1 ½” belts! We've been informed by customers that some makers produce belts that are marginally to significantly thicker than gun belts of our own manufacture and for that reason we cannot guarantee a proper fit of the Axiom to those particular makes. Our gun belts are equal to or just shy of a ¼” in thickness, so as long as the belt you will be using falls within those parameters, you should be good to go. Check with your belt maker and consider stepping down to a narrower width such as 1 ¼” if your makers belts exceed ¼” in thickness.

The Axiom is currently available for the 1911 platform and its’ variants and features a 20 degree, muzzle to the rear cant. The Axiom is not available in horsehide.

AX Cowhide $138
AX-SH Cowhide with Shark loops and trim $180
AX-EL Cowhide with Elephant loops and trim $195 (Elephant option is subject to hide availability. Please call to verify before ordering)


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