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Placing your order by phone  is the quickest way to get your order into the queue, or you can mail it.. We accept phone orders backed by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). We do not charge your credit card until the day the order is shipped. A non refundable deposit may be debited on special order items. Orders can also be mailed in with payment by check, money order, or credit card. Personal or business checks may be held for clearance. 

A word on Debit cards. While Debit cards are an acceptable means of payment, please be aware that we will not accept a request to call you first before running your card in preparation for shipping. As been mentioned, we charge credit cards on the day we ship and it is the responsibility of the Debit card owner to be sure there are funds available for the transaction. We will not be held responsible for any overdraft charges from your bank, because you neglected to have funds available in your account to complete the sale! It is suggested that you log the amount of the sale into your check register at the time you place the order even though the sale will unlikely occur for several months down the road. If this is a problem, we suggest you use some other method of payment. Give us a call if you have any questions on this policy.

Credit card orders must include the 3 digit security code on the back of the card, as well as the address that is associated with the billing statement of the card you are using. A different ship to address is ok, but must be noted separately on the order form. You must notify us immediately of any change in shipping address from the time the order is originally placed. If the security code or billing address is omitted from your order, or doesn't match up, it will further delay the processing of your order. Please notify us of any change in expiration date or other pertinent card info. 

Sorry, but we do not accept requests to send COD. All orders must be paid in full before they can leave the shop.

Use browser print button to print Order form , but not before reading the ordering information listed above.


Ebay'ers take note:

It has come to our attention that some individuals have been ordering our product (most notably our model VM-2) for no other reason than for speculative sales on auction sites such as ebay. While we may admire the entrepreneurial aspect of those individuals and are flattered that some bidders are willing to pay well over 2 1/2 times the retail price just to have the item now instead of 6 months down the road. We are not impressed with the fact that some of these sellers have no real personal need for the product other than to make a quick profit on an internet sale. Speculative purchasing for internet resale, has a tendency to further extend the already extended wait times of those who do have a genuine need for the product and that is where we have a problem.

Therefore, it is our policy going forward, that we will not accept any order, or an addition to any order and will cancel any order that has the distinctive identifiers of an order destined for speculative, or unauthorized dealer sales. As a manufacturer, we reserve the right to accept, decline or cancel any order,  at any time, for any reason and that includes limiting the items on an individuals order.  Furthermore, the Ebay speculators, as we determine who they are, will be forever relegated to our 'No Orders' list and we will ask our dealers to avoid these individuals as well.  

Copyright infringement: Be aware that ANY reproduction of copyrighted material off this site, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is in violation of US and International copyright law, as well as Ebay rules regarding such. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material off this site will be reported without warning to Ebay, via Ebay's VeRO program and will result in the auction being removed. Information concerning what is protected under US and International copyright law can be read by clicking the following link. Ten big myths about copyright explained here! 

The reason for our stringent policy on copyright infringement is that there have been some Ebay speculative sellers, who without our permission, have used material taken off our site to dress up their auctions in order to appear official. This has left the impression with some folks (through complaints submitted directly to us, or on the various gun forums) that we either endorsed the price gouging actions of these speculative salesmen or somehow were involved in the sale itself.  Unfortunately, because of these few individuals, we had to invoke policy and what applies to one has to apply to all. Fortunately, if  you are a person that has a Milt Sparks product that you no longer have any personal need for and wish to sell it on Ebay, all we ask is that you use you own words and photographs to describe the product in your ads. Nothing more.

Keyword spamming is also in direct violation of Ebay's posting rules and will be reported to Ebay as the events occur. Keyword spamming is using the brand name of one company to draw attention to the product of another. And since "Milt Sparks" is a registered US trademark and is protected as such, its misapplication through search and browse manipulation is also enforceable under Ebay's VeRO program. We are starting to take this crap seriously!

There are Keyword spammers (including one ebay seller of junk holsters) that have used the Milt Sparks trade name in their auctions both overtly and covertly (covertly by using a font color the same as the background color to hide it from view, but not from Ebay search engines) for no other reason than to draw attention to the non-Milt Sparks product they are trying to sell. We didn't spend the last 40 years building on our hard earned reputation, just so that some unknown entity (or parasitical junk holster salesman such as the Ebay seller mentioned above) could just steal the use of our good name and use it with impunity for their own monetary benefit. Again, because of the sins of a few, we are forced to invoke this policy on all.



While every effort is made to expedite your order in a timely manner,there is always the inevitable backlog situation. Backlogs have been the bane of Milt Sparks Holsters for as long as we have been in business. One of the most frequently asked questions is "Why does it take so long to have a holster made?" The answer is that the demand for our product has always exceeded our  ability to produce. It doesn't take so long to actually make the holster, its the processing of the hundreds of orders that are ahead of yours that keeps us behind. It has been our past experience that no matter how many craftsmen we add to the staff, when our delivery times drop, the demand picks up and we are soon back in the same situation. Still, we are trying to address the problem and recently we have added an extra employee, now bringing us up to six. 

Information concerning our current delivery schedule can be viewed by visiting this page.

 We understand that many of you cannot wait the time it takes to get our product direct from us.  For those who cannot wait, I may suggest that you contact one of our dealers listed at the bottom of this page for possible in-stock delivery.


Please note: Any person/business claiming to be a Milt Sparks dealer that is not specifically listed below, is not authorized by us to operate in that capacity. Milt Sparks Holsters is a registered US trademark and is protected as such. Unauthorized use of our trademark, or use of copyrighted material off this website is not permitted.


Top Gun Supply
(440) 729-7273

Timmons & Sons


Rankin Arms

Heirloom Precision

Allan Yoast Firearms

Brownells Inc. (800) 741-0015
200 S. Front St., Montezuma,  IA 60171

Hawk Tech Arms